Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fathers and Sons 2012

This fine specimen is Miles McKay.  He is pictured here in his natural habitat, passed out next to a fire, wearing a chocolate beard. Although not photo documented, the next day those lip kissed a fish that jumped out of one of the fish hatchery pools. What a Mountain Man!

This is how Ammon feels about sleeping in a tent. True happiness cannot be contained.

Breakfast consisted of a wilderness made Egg McMuffin, two cups of orange juice and two cups of hot chocolate.

Who new marshmallows could be so delicious and much so fun at the same time. We called it his Spider man web!

"a dandelion", Ammon said  he picked this one for Gammy Bouse and the other for Mommy.

To quote a country song, "we ain't never had to much fun".

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